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Flexible CFO Services For Busy Founders

Accelerate your growth with expert CFO support—from accurate budgets to high-impact financial strategies we help entrepreneurs scale their businesses.

What We Do

We help businesses scale even faster.

Stop Struggling To Grow

We help chaotic, cash-focused entrepreneurs

This represents 99% of entrepreneurs. They see their business financials as a giant tangled knot of chaos. Their attention span is 14 seconds and their financial strategies rarely exceed this month. So confused about what to do, they would rather ignore the problem then get the support they need.

Create Scalable Success

Build a financial foundation for scalable growth.

To succeed in business you need to learn the "Scalable Stack" — five interconnected layers of financial wellness built on top of each other to give you the most security and speed.

  • Structure: Formalize your business to ensure stability.
  • Cashflow: Stop worrying about if you will run out of money.
  • Profitability: Maximize the value your business creates
  • Bookkeeping: Keep your financial reports clean and accurate
  • Allocation: Understand the most value areas to deploy capital

Will a fractional CFO actually help you grow your business?

If you are looking to grow your business faster, you need to make sure every dollar goes to the right place. Scalable CFO will create the most effective strategies to help you:

Increase Marketing Spend
Hire New Employeess
Reduce Overhead
Hire Virtual Assistants
Invest In Product Development
Prepare For Acquisition
Raise Funding
Pay Accurate Distributions
Manage Payroll
And More!
We Grow Your Bottom-Line

We’re not a traditional accountant that you see once per year, we become your CFO.


Net Profit Growth


Reduced Monthly Expenses

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“I can't recommend Connor enough. Every entrepreneur needs to understand their financials.”

Samuel Thompson
Founder, Proven Ventures

“I didn't realize how profitable my company could actually be until after my first conversation with Connor!”

Nick Abraham
CEO, Leadbird

"Connor's in-depth experience has saved my team hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars."

Stephen Olmon
CEO, Several Ventures

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Establish the financial infrastructure and hygiene that’s poised for growth and build financial strategies that support positive cash flow, improve profitability and increase equity value.

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Will a fractional CFO actually help you and your business?

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