Financial Planning & Analysis

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With Better Planning

We help organizations accurately plan, forecast, and budget to support the company’s major business decisions and future financial health.

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We help business owners understand their financials & make better decisions.

In an environment of constant change, new competitors, and economic uncertainty, FP&A offers a framework for organizations to manage their businesses in an agile way.

Improved Forecasting Accuracy
Profitability and Cost Management
Cashflow Management  
Improved Budgeting Accuracy
Better Operating Playbook
Robust Variance Reporting

Why is FP&A valuable to growing businesses?

FP&A is a critical function in any business. Without it, you can’t make knowledgeable decisions that allow for successful margins over costs. You can’t forecast future cash flows to determine if you will meet your covenants. You can’t run a scenario analysis of different investment options. The list goes on.

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Schedule Your Free Financial Review With A Proven CFO

Connect with our experienced team to review your business and identify opportunities for improvement across your financial infrastructure.

100% Free Review To Discuss Your Biggest Growth Opportunities

Analyze Your Business & Build Your Scalable Financial Plan™

Work closely with our team of FP&A professionals to develop strategies that can help drive growth and profitability. We focus on implementing strategies so you see the direct impact on your company's bottomline.


Implement & Optimize Your Budget, Forecasts & Reporting

We help you make faster and more confident decisions that help you and your team hit core KPIs month over month.


Do you need FP&A support from financial experts?

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is an essential part of operations. The process of planning, forecasting, and budgeting can help companies make better decisions about how they operate. And once they’re set, these numbers can help managers identify areas of weakness and opportunity. FP&A can help reduce risk and optimize performance by focusing on the big picture.

"Connor and the Scalable Team have been a crucial addition to our business. We feel 10x more comfortable & prepared knowing they are handling our financials.

Stephen Olmon

Several Ventures

Scalable FP&A

Work with a dedicated financial expert to build and implement your personalized, scalable financial plan.

What's Included
Rolling 12 Month Forecasts
In-Depth Variance Reporting
Monthly KPI Tracking
Monthly Financial Strategy Call
Customized Executive Reports
Dedicated Finance Expert
Starting @
Monthly packages with a 90 day minimum agreement.
Optional Add On

13-Week Cashflow

Use your company's 13-week cashflow to provide visibility into your short-term options and set yourself up to achieve your long-term cash goals.

Optional Add-On

Board Deck

Perfectly crafted Executive Reporting to ensure your team, investors and stakeholders are all provided with clear, up-to-date information.  

Commonly Asked Questions

What sort of templates are you able to provide? 
Our team has created hundreds of templates. We have basic templates such as Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Statement of Cash Flows & Runway Models. We also have multiple templates that are tailored to certain industries such as E-commerce, SaaS, Real Estate and Start-ups. If we do not have one that will work for your business, we will create one for you.
Am I able to schedule a call?
We are happy to schedule a call for $100/hour. In some cases we may proactively ask for a call if the question requires detailed explanation. If we actively recommend a call then we will not bill you for this time.
What is your standard response time? 
We ensure that everyone is responded to within 1 business day. Most of the time it is very quick since we keep our customer base small on purpose. Also, you will have direct access to my personal cell number (not an automated text service). However, some questions may need more research and Q&A to provide you an answer to your questions. If this is required, we will let you know proactively to expect a longer response time.
What if I need more involved work and advice? 
Scalable CFO started as a Fractional CFO business tailored to clients that need more day-to-day services. We started this texting service to be able to help more companies that are still in the key early growth stage. If you need more in-depth and tailored services please reach out via text or email at

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