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On-Demand CFO Support.
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Everyone has financial questions about their business. Make Connor your Fractional CFO and a handy resource to help advise you in scaling your business.


Step 1: You will receive a phone number, that's mine, say hi. Introduce yourself and your business with whatever you think is relevant. I want to understand your business and where it is today.


Step 2: I will start asking questions about your business, goals and areas of stress. Once we set a general framework I will take notes so anytime you text me I am providing you detailed responses. I created this to provide tailored guidance not generic advice.


Step 3: Text me anytime you have questions or ideas that you think I may be able to help with. My goal is to help you streamline your finances and accelerate growth in your business. I promise to get back to you within 1-business day. Let's build together.


Build a Financial Framework.

Every entreprenuer has a financial resource like a CFO that assists them scale their business effectively. Having a CFO can help you effectively deploy capital to continue to scale to your longer term goals while being able to track the ROI. We focus on tailored advice to help you use capital effectively and strategically to grow your business.

For technology startups

Text A CFO. Anytime. Anywhere.

Scaling a business is full of challenges and real-time decisions. Let's solve them together.

P&L Guidance & Support
Manage Cash Flow Effectively
Provide Detailed Templates
Clarify Legal Agreements
Guide Strategic Partnerships
Create Financial Clarity

“I struggled a ton trying to run my business and figure out how to manage my business’s finances at the same time. The blogs I read were super vague and I needed someone that understood how to run a business that functions in 2022. Unlike other “CFOs” that weren’t up to date, Conor gave me an easy explanation for almost all of my answers. Thanks to Conor, it was the first time I felt like I wasn’t confused about a topic that scares so many business owners.”

Rishav Khanal

Owner, Compound Career

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Scalable FP&A

Ongoing real-time access to Connor through iMessage that will be your on-demand CFO for finance & strategic questions. You will have unlimited access to a real CFO.

What's included
Rolling 12 Month Forecasting
In-Depth Variance Reporting
Monthly KPI Tracking
Monthly Financial Strategy Call
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Commonly Asked Questions

What sort of templates are you able to provide? 
Our team has created hundreds of templates. We have basic templates such as Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Statement of Cash Flows & Runway Models. We also have multiple templates that are tailored to certain industries such as E-commerce, SaaS, Real Estate and Start-ups. If we do not have one that will work for your business, we will create one for you.
Am I able to schedule a call?
We are happy to schedule a call for $100/hour. In some cases we may proactively ask for a call if the question requires detailed explanation. If we actively recommend a call then we will not bill you for this time.
What is your standard response time? 
We ensure that everyone is responded to within 1 business day. Most of the time it is very quick since we keep our customer base small on purpose. Also, you will have direct access to my personal cell number (not an automated text service). However, some questions may need more research and Q&A to provide you an answer to your questions. If this is required, we will let you know proactively to expect a longer response time.
What if I need more involved work and advice? 
Scalable CFO started as a Fractional CFO business tailored to clients that need more day-to-day services. We started this texting service to be able to help more companies that are still in the key early growth stage. If you need more in-depth and tailored services please reach out via text or email at

Ready to dive in? Let’s start together.

For any questions reach out at

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